Hasior Collection


The project is a summary visual analysis of artist Władysław Hasior’s (visual artist celebrated for his assemblages and monuments. At the turn of the 1950s and 1960s, he designed his original concept of uprooted sculpture: anthropomorphic, reinforced concrete castings). slide collection, kept at the Muzeum Tatrzańskie in Zakopane.
In constructing a photographic image of the “Hasior Collection,” the same principle was adopted that the artist observed in his practice: “It is not struggling, suffering, emotions, or nerves of the heart that give rise to sculpture, but cool reason.”

The designs of both “Collections” share a similar visual organization – the rhythm of photographic forms arranged in solid blocks.

Exhibition  (Berlin, 2018)


Exbition at Wschodnia Gallery (Lodz, 2017)

Portfolio_Anna_Zagrodzka 2-6